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Hi this is our next locators daily checks. Video we’ve already got a video on our website, which gives a guide to the daily checks, we’d recommend on a normal counterbalance, forklift truck. So this is a bit of a guide on what else you’d look for if you’re. Looking at an articulated counterbalance truck, this is an aisle master. This is a two ton machine, so we’d recommend you go through all the normal daily checks, as i’ve already mentioned on the forklift hx, you start off with the mast and the forks.

So if you watch that video on our site i’ll give you a good guide as a once-over, what it doesn’t mention is this section here which is unique to articulating trucks. This allows the truck to turn into a pallet, racking location and work in a much narrower aisle than a counterbalance truck and you’ll see from the size of the wheels. Unlike a reach truck, it allows you to then take the load and take it out into the yard and load a lorry, so i’ll work indoors and outdoors, which is very, very good in terms of space saving. You can reduce the number of trucks you use and maximize the efficiency of your warehouse, but they do have some additional moving parts, so the arm master actually has two bearings on the truck form. The the rotation axis by having two points, two bearings or two load points it stiffens the mast up and makes it more rigid and gives you additional capacity at height.

It’S a bit like if you imagine, trying to hold a pencil at one point. It’S quite easy to tip it around hold it in two places. It’S much more rigid. Turning into a rack or you’re using any sort of forklift truck in a racking environment, you can get impact with pallet racking. You can get impact with lows and goods and doorways when you’re, driving in and out on the bearing side of things.

Really. What you want to be doing, on top of your normal checks, is getting down, having a look underneath and up into the bearing sections. Seeing if there’s any kind of swarf for evidence of any metal grinding or anything like that and obviously check for any obvious signs of impact, it is actually very difficult to hit this part of the truck because you’re always moving forwards or backwards. So you do tend to get very, very little damage indeed, but if someone swings the head around and hits let’s say a concrete dock or something like that that may cause some damage. So, on top of all your normal daily checks just be sure, with an articulated truck, you go around and check the check the pivot points, and also because these trucks are much heavier than a traditional forklift truck.

This truck weighs over seven tons. It’S very important to check the wheel nuts make sure all the wheel, nuts are in good uh in the right position. Checking finger tightness, make sure nothing’s loose as well.

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