Crane collapses onto Astoria construction site

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Behind me, that will help in removing it, large-hearted Bang, listen like to big banks sound like explosion with all its rotates hoisted off the dirt. A crane is now in the air, resting against a structure after it overthrew over on to a building locate move. He says his whole House shook So he came running out And wasn’t surprised at what he saw last couple days.
I’Ve regard these chaps picking up steel and they would The truck was rocking this weekend couple ages and I was telling beings in the street you walk on his place. Guy was hoisting are keen to I’d beans at a time so.

It to occur in around 8.30 Friday morning and the fdny says there are no hurts. We members from

Different buildings going on top of rooftops. We a good deal of Buck it up.
So we had an aerial view of all areas And we’re pretty self-confident we did our due diligence and to make sure none was in the building Right now.

The mosque on the block has a few months, Its weekly devotion business on Friday, but saved us when the mosque makes out dozens of worshippers are on the sidewalk, But the incident occurred hours earlier. We call him a bit
, But at the same DEM, agent workout, wholly unsafe those guys direct this whole week. I watched them. Back here, live where you can see. Crews are now securing about truck.

Now the Department of structures says an early investigation reveals that the boom truck was trying to set up a line behind the site when it tipped over. It also shattered ceilings constructing behind it now records show that this address has.

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