MaxxTow Portable Hitch Mounted Pickup Truck Crane

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Hey guys, I’m Eric and I’m Dan with tools and action today we’re here with the maxxtow pickup crane. This thing is actually pretty cool. We saw this at SEMA show right yep. We saw it at SEMA, um, very cool way. We’Ve always got tools where things are too heavy today, actually left in the back of the truck and half the time when we have something heavy we’re by ourselves.

So this is actually, like a nice second hand, right, exactly there’s a few options on the market. This seems to be the most economical one and the best actually for stability. There’S another crane out there. It’S like $ 1500, this one’s around 300 and under there I mean so I mean this is definitely the way to go. Basically, it holds a thousand pounds and it’s got a bottle jack here, which is going to lift it.

What we’re gon na do is we’re gon na take this to wall generator. It weighs about 200 pounds roughly and we’re going to load it into the truck by ourselves. Yeah the actual unit itself weighs 114 pounds and it does disassemble. So when you do get done, you can take it slider right in the truck right now we haven’t set. This is a 500 pounds.

You got 750 here or the max, and a thousand you’d want to move it over here. So right, real easy to set up comes apart and they’re like three or four pieces actually three pieces, so you can transport it um. What I like is I, like the actually has got the feet that hit the ground nice white base. So it’s not going to be sinking into the you know the ground at all, but it’s just nice because it takes a lot of the load off its spring to your bed when you actually let them alone yeah exactly – and you know you if you’re out by Yourself, no one’s around you don’t want to be dropping a load on you, so that’s uh. Basically, safety features right there.

I love that so yeah, it’s a little bit heavier. You know there’s a hundred fourteen pounds right, but the stability on its second to none. So, and here we go we’re just listing this generator up and it works exactly like a regular carjack where you just Jack it up yeah and you can actually it’s got a little notch on the return and that will release the pressure to lawyer. So obviously, this 200 pound generators nothing for this thing, but we had bigger stuff. We’D show you that’s pretty Pigman.

I couldn’t get that on the truck by myself yeah. So then what you do is you’re just going to swing it around. We hang up hitter a little higher swing it around and right there. I can just lower it right on the tailgate there. There you go, buddy go ahead, move Victoria way, you want it shipped down.

Take your load undo the cranium Thor in the back and you’re set to go so definitely something cool from maxxtow. We’Re going to show you right now how it disassembles and all that good stuff show you some close-ups check out max totally put that con. They got a bunch of towing products, we saw him at see my I mean a lot of cool stuff. They got a cool stuff. There, too, don’t forget to check out tools, nation that cameras camera right up on this with a little more info on it.

Yep exactly and then I’ll show you guys no offense. I would take it down, so we get the jobsite. What we’re going to do is make sure the bottle jacks tight, we’re going to lift it up a little bit off the tailgate and also it spins really easy. I mean almost too easy. It sits on like a big battery yeah, and I mean it’s no matter how heavy the load is.

This thing spins effort little see what y’all kind of want to keep your hand on the load to control it so take it off we’re just going to pull it back here, I’m going to go all the way to the side here. I just think it’s a little easier and then what we do is just drop her down. So very cool innovative products for maxxtow go ahead and check them out. Don’T forget, check out tools in action background you

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